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Pixel Gets Android Oreo 8.1

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Just installed the 8.1 update on my Pixel.  Still no Sprint Wi-Fi / LTE calling :(


But ... I did get the mandatory Google Search button added to my launcher.


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    • By mikejeep
      Hello all,

      I have been visiting S4GRU for quite some time, and one of the most common issues I see popping up is confusion from users--especially when they first get 4G LTE devices and/or LTE service--regarding their signal strengths. For some reason, the signal bars on many devices do not display what most users expect them to display. It seems strange that we have to enter special dialer codes just to see what our LTE signal is!

      With that in mind, I started creating an Android app from scratch. I had never created an app before, so it took a few months before it was ready for the public, but its time has come. Robert and a few others have been beta testing it for me since October, and I recently released it onto Google Play. Robert gave me the go-ahead to give it a mention here on S4GRU, so here goes..

      It's called SignalCheck, and it is available on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Blue+Line+Computing
      The "Lite" version is free; the "Pro" version has a small one-time fee but includes a bunch of extras, including signal bars in the notification area, a widget, the ability to alert a user when they pick up an LTE or 800 SMR signal, one-button instant connection reset, the street address of the connected 1X site, and menu shortcuts to some screens that are usually only accessible with dialer codes. I intend to offer S4GRU Premier Sponsors special benefits in the near future, as soon as I figure out a feasible way to do that.

      This is the first app I have ever developed, so I'd appreciate any and all feedback, both positive and negative. I have been trying to educate myself as much as possible regarding cellular technologies, as I didn't know much before I started this project. My goal is to make this app as accurate and useful as possible for all the "nerds" on here.. myself included!

      I intend to continue squashing bugs as they are reported, and adding features as they are requested. As I learn more about Android programming and cellular technology, I'll improve things. Please let me know what you would like to see, and I'll do what I can.
      My "Beta Crew" helps test out the app before public updates are pushed out. Membership is by invite only but anyone is welcome to join in our discussions or get a sneak peek at what is going on (see thread here).
      Links:  SignalCheck Help / FAQ  |  Change Log  |  To-Do "Wish" List  |  Known Issues  |  SignalCheck on Google Play
      Here are some screen shots from a previous version.. there have been tweaks since this release, but this is basically what you get:

    • By danlodish345
      hey guys i m curious what you guys think about rooting phones and the positives and negatives about it.... let the discussion begin!
    • By JDP121
      Supposedly it will be released on all major carriers in Nov. We will def. see how this will play out. 
    • By derrph
      With the FCC and Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have agreed to this new unlocking policy. How does this effect sprint phones such as the IPhone. I have heard that Sprint can unlock your phone but you can not take it to other carriers such as Verizon and the IPhone can only be used overseas.  (Correct me if I am wrong). I am glad that this has finally happened. But when it comes to Sprint how would this work?
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    • You don't. I don't. Others do. It's also plug and play. People love that.  Covering a house with WiFi is cheapish. But still not free. And these are meant for more than just houses.  A business blocks access to WiFi or has consent pages to protect themselves and their network. If they are a Sprint customer or have a lot of Sprint users, a MB is a free way to cover your building/office area. Every place I have ever worked blocks or has guest captive portal on WiFi. Yet still have a DAS.  It's isn't a way to abuse the network, it's a way to waste Sprints financial resources (people who don't need it but want to use it like me).
    • Hummmn, they are still using the old nTelos SID on 1x.
    • Don't know.  I was barreling down the highway at the time I took the picture, and I don't usually do speed tests anyway.  But considering the available speed used to be zero, I'm going to say it's decent, sure. On my way home today, I'm going to take a long route to check on some more sites I don't usually go by.  Expect the Premiere map to fill in some after I get home.  (Also, I'm amused that with yesterday's update to the Sprint coverage map, the Red House tower that's on the air is now missing from the map along with the Hat Creek tower, while the Sugar Hill site that had no antennas two weeks ago is still present.) - Trip
    • Because you simply have to plug it in to a power outlet near a window. 
    • Except for a soft hand off to thw macro network. It can't do that, but other than that, there exactly the same. 
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