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LTE Calling Plus / Chicago Market

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i am wondering if anyone is experiencing the above ability in Chicagoland?


looking forward to using data on a call while out.


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    • Yeah I'm looking forward to Android 8.0 and upload CA

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    • Such a rogue update, haven't been updated since August and now we get one with an old security patch...
    • Red Nex

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    • Friday morning I called support again.  After a 15 minute call, the final resolution was "you do not have Extended LTE because you have exceeded your 100mb roaming limit."  I knew this was the wrong answer, so i decided to make a nuisance of myself. I continued to call customer support over the next half of the day whenever I had the chance. I was always presented with either the "exceeded roaming limit" answer or I was told "there was a tower down" and that I should call back in about a week. I was always polite and patient, and I feel I educated several reps as to what Extended LTE is because most seemed to have no idea. I must have called a dozen times. Then Friday afternoon I received a call from someone at the OKC support center, asking what the problem was. They called me!  Now this was different i thought to myself.   I explained that none of my lines were no longer connecting to Extended LTE, specifically B12 via Appalachian wireless on any of their towers (this was what I had been telling support reps all day). She said "That's strange. Let me send this upstairs, and I will call you back when I find something out." Upstairs?  They have an upstairs!? This was great! Within 2 hours all of my lines had Extended LTE again. Problem solved. However I have no idea what the problem was.  Moral of the story: If you do not get resolution on a support issue, call support repeatedly until someone that doesn't have to follow a script notices you?    
    • I got the update today

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