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Cloudfront issues

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I'm getting this message on my home internet and yet mobile posting here is working fine. What's going on here?



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    • Those FCC docs are all in place to "sell" the idea of the merger. So you better believe they are over blowing all of Sprint's inadequacies (and T-mobile's for that matter) There's no question that they can both go at it alone (T-mobile especially) it would just not be nearly as fruitful from a business stand point. 
    • I'm still waiting for my notification, I can't wait.  I've used a bunch of 3rd party apps for this, but nothing was "silver bullet" Did you get a Messages upgrade?  Wondering if the version i have is compatible.  I'm on 3.3.044
    • It was honestly shocking to see Sprint officially put in writing what my suspicions have been in terms of their network plans and business sustainability going forward. Marcelo put a pretty face on it for a long time in terms of a “five year turnaround” plan, but it’s now clear that the marketing and messaging around that was to buy time/room to get to this point in time for a merger to happen. The stuff/figures in the redacted portions of the FCC Filing must also present a pretty bleak picture on Sprint, if the unredacted text reads as is.
    • Could be with M-MIMO equipment being tested. But most likely an event going on.  Try to get a closer shot of the rear and connectors.
    • Didn't think it was sprint. And I haven't noticed any other equipment present in the area but I'll walk around lunch time to see if there is anything else.  I'm still connected to the standard Clear B41 site. could it be possible they are replacing it and wanted to have a back up solution to pick up the weight of the tower being offline?
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