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    • I'm quite pleased at how the Sprint network is performing in the Cleveland Market, but it was a LONG time coming.  It has only been within the last month that most sites in the primary IBEZ now have all sectors live with B26.  Average signal strength has improved with B26,  but most dead zones without B26 still are dead zones with B26.  I think it's really a testament to Sprint's network rebuild that B25 LTE worked as well as it did in the absence of B26.  Sprint's decision years ago to put the brakes on rural site 8T8R deployment has still left me without B41 even though it came really close, but speeds are still plenty fast enough for me on B25 and 26.  I think the rural 8T8R build-out here was a stupid idea despite my happiness to see it deployed.  From a spreadsheet manager standpoint, I hate trying to match these (cheaper) B41 mini macros that have been deployed over the last year, but fortunately over 60% of our sites already have 8T8R equipment installed.  The last two most recent B41 sites I've found live have been 8T8R, so I'm glad to see that at least both are still being used now.  It's my dream that mini macros will cease to be used here in favor of the 8T8R stuff.
    • In my area Sprint has tons more native coverage where T-Mobile has fair i.e. no service. One example is Dansville, MI. T-Mobile has no tower and no service for 20 miles around it but Sprint has a tower right in town with B25/B26/and B41. Sprint's network in Michigan is way more dense then T-Mobile. I couldn't take the no service anymore and switched back to Sprint. I'm very happy now with my decision

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