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Samsung TDD LTE Outdoor Pico eNB 2.6 Ghz









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Has anyone encountered these in the wild?  Any pictures for an active installation?

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Nice. A great deal smaller than a tower-size RRU which VZW is using for some reason in its small cells here.

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    • By runagun
      Unless this is a mistake. Mobilitie is also helping VZW on there small cell approach too. I'm familiar with them doing arenas with all the providers , just not small cell.
      http://www.downers.us/public/docs/agendas/2017/11-14-17/RES 2017-7580 - Right-of-Way License Agreement with Mobilitie, LLC - 11-14-2017_8260.pdf
    • By lilotimz
      Ericsson RBS 6501 B25 Outdoor Micro Base Station
      Model: KRD901 125/X
      RBS 6501 setup utilizing the integrated antenna

      RBS 6501 utilizing external omnidirectional antennas

      Ericsson RBS 6401 B25, LTE
      Multi-standard indoor pico base station
      Model: KRD 901 043





      Top without External Antenna Capability

      Top with External Antenna Capability

    • By lilotimz
      Samsung Outdoor Pico eNB 1.9 Ghz


      This is the Samsung Outdoor Pico eNB small cell for LTE 1900 that will be deployed by Sprint. Outdoor small cells are utilized to providie additional capacity and coverage mainly in areas where there is a high population density such as major malls, major streets with lot of busineses, train stations, airports, and the like. 


      Small cells are mostly PnP where you just plug everything in and fire it up and it will auto configure itself by downloading parameters and additional information from the network. Utilizing the latest advances in small cell technology, these pico cells would also over time optimize itself based on feedback from UE and neighboring small cells and macro cells.












      Samsung LTE 1.9 Ghz Indoor Pico Cell












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    • While roaming on my 5X, I have seen signal check display being connected to USCC LTE (with no 1x connection) and then when a text comes in or goes to be sent, 1x pops up so it can take care of business and then it goes away.  This does not happen with the Essential.  It literally stays locked on LTE and nothing can be done with it except data (no phone calls, nothing). 
    • Yuma is in the same market as Tucson. The area is very deprived of any network enhancements. There are many areas with 3G coverage.

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    • I was in Tucson for a couple of days lat week.  Visiting a relative.  I did encounter some  Band 41 at times.  It is not everywhere, but it looked like it was in progress.     I did notice that in areas with only Band 25, it mostly was weak signal strength and very slow. It surely is a sore spot. It does need some major attention and soon. While I was not familiar with the actual location of the sites, I would suspect that sites without Band 41 might actually be ground mount sites. I just was not able to take time to locate any cell sites and look at them.  I would guess that any upgrade to B-41 would cause the ground mounts to become top mounted.  Band 26 antennas probably are on the sites if they have band 41 added. It would make sense to place all the antennas and radios at the proper place and then eventually turn on band 26 when they can. It seemed that the spacing on the sites are worse than normal probably due to flat land and very few tall buildings. They probably need to start adding some mini-macros  to cover the areas that were in-between the old 1900 sites that were too widely spaced. I  also visited Tombstone while in the area.  Roamed on AT&T LTE and Verizon CDMA voice while there. Sprint was missing. I made a phone call on the Verizon 1x and also used the AT&T LTE.  After one week, looking at Sprint.com, I see nothing to indicate that I will be charged for the use on the other networks.
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