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Moto E

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The Motorola website says the E supports CDMA secondary 800, so is it possible it'll end up on Sprint? It's 3G-only, but it's very nice for it's price range.


Edit: But on their website, only GSM models are listed for purchase. So maybe they'll sell a CDMA version through the carriers?

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I don't know if it'll be on Sprint specifically, however, I do think it'll end up on Republic Wireless and other MVNO's. It may even end up on Boost or Virgin, though those two seem to be heavily pushing LTE over 3G.


I must say, the phone is very good for the price. Motorola has a solid design that they are sticking with and I love it. The camera and specs might not be the best but, a phone that water resistant, scratch, resistant, smudge resistant, and so much more for under $200 off contract is a killer deal.


Sprint could easily market this device towards parents looking to buy a first smartphone for their children.

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A new Motorola device just showed up on the FCC's website today:



Frequency bands: 800 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz


Dimensions: Approximately 65.44 mm x 124.45 mm


These specifications line up with a Moto E destined for Sprint's network.



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