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    **or an Android device of equal or lesser value**


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    • Existing sites have all been upgraded, but the network around here was not designed to blanket LTE.  I recognize that the coverage maps often indicate that coverage is acceptable, but that just isn't the case.   Attaching a pic below that has a blue square.  Illinois Route 47.  Its not an interstate, but still a busy state highway.  This is an area where placement of one additional tower would ensure contiguous LTE coverage from Dwight down through Forrest.  It is equally as bad as you travel farther south on Route 47 south of Forrest.  Phones hang onto LTE for dear life, but drop down to 1x and 3g as the town of Strawn is approached.  From Strawn south nearly all the way to Gibson City is 3G or 1x. Site spacing is great for 1x voice coverage, but its just not there for full-time LTE coverage (no matter which band is being discussed.) Every time I'm in one of these areas, I'm reporting the issues in the Sprint Zone.  At one point in time Sprint was working with Illinois Valley Cellular through the Rural Roaming Partner deal - but I have yet to see any indication of connecting to IVC Equipment.  The partnership started in 2014, and it is now nearing the end of 2017, and I am fairly confident that IVC has not held up their end of the deal in moving their network to LTE.  All of that being said, it is not a big deal at this moment.  It will be a big deal at the point in time that a decision is made to shutter CDMA, if the holes are not fixed.     edit:  relevant to this thread - even a Sprint/Tmo merger would not fix this problem without filling in gaps.  
    • I don't think so... the radio in the S8 just performs way better in low signal based on my tests. My coworker did similar tests on a TMO V30 and has similar results as well. It might be a software issue with the phone...

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    • It is on the expansion map that was released recently... when I'm not sure. As far as I know it's still 3G up there... outside Marquette they added some unlimited US Cellular roaming based on the latest map update.

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    • Completely wrong thread or market but it looks like sprint plans to bring LTE to the upper peninsula aka Marquette MI. Can anyone confirms this ? I see some marginal activity in the Sensorly app

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    • Anything new to report about band 26 for SoCal or is this all a pipe dream hoping it gets cleared for rollout before 2027 ?

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