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Modified software to prevent Q10 unlocking

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Has anyone found a way to successfully unlock the Q10? It appears Sprint had the software modified to totally prevent someone unlocking the phone. Thought I'd check here and see if anyone knows anything.

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    • It's a cheap ploy to garner attention.    And ... at the cost of Sprint and T Mobile's merger.      Hopefully they will remember that and if the merger goes through, they roll Boost into Metro PCS and tell him "See ya!"   
    • That's all nice and what not but it's dependent if the merge happens.
    • I think the others are going to go faster than you think...Probably not much further than 2020 (2 years).     T-Mobile is already re farming their older 3G space... Neville Ray had said in the past that he would like to follow Verizon's shut down date not too much further than what Verizon's is. (see link below)      AT&T just shut their 2G down in January and is now eyeing 3G's deadline. They have not made a date public. T-Mobile plan to sundown 3G
    • I think they should tell him to go suck an egg!    60 MHz is a lot of spectrum... isn't it nearly half of what they have in the 2500 MHz band?  (150 MHz total)...   Why does he think he's entitled to it?   What about the other MVNO's?    
    • Boost Founder Commits to Offer $9.95 Unlimited Data Plan for Prepaid Fixed Wireless Broadband Customers and Will Rollout 4G Fixed Broadband Network in Select Low Income Areas if Government Conditions T-Mobile/Sprint Merger to Divest 60 MHz in 2.5 GHz Band https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/07/16/1537805/0/en/Boost-Founder-Commits-to-Offer-9-95-Unlimited-Data-Plan-for-Prepaid-Fixed-Wireless-Broadband-Customers-and-Will-Rollout-4G-Fixed-Broadband-Network-in-Select-Low-Income-Areas-if-Gov.html
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