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another view on the bb workforce reduction

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    • https://www.slashgear.com/samsung-galaxy-note-9-features-release-specs-upgrade-22531644/amp/ new features 
    • Oh yeah I do not disagree with you there. Satellite Internet is very outdated. As is Dial and DSL.  So I’m interested to see if they actually do rural deployment of 5g
    • not in urban areas, but for rural, yes it will scoop dial up and dsl customers right up, not to mention satellite internet customers 
    • This is one of a few mobilitie small cells I have found in the area. I'm wondering if it is sprint because there is no relay installed. Actually some that had the relay before has since been removed. It looks to be connected to a wire line network... The two underground communication hatches are on the sidewalk and the unnamed one in the landscaping, yards away from the site. As mentioned, one is unnamed and one says Comcast. Let me know what you guys think. Just as a disclaimer, this site wasn't here about two weeks ago. (Midtown Detroit) Also; Verizon is using a completely different vendor in SE Mich so I highly doubt this site is a verizon one.  https://imgur.com/gallery/irfkNzk If I have time i'd like to create a map of all the sprint small cells provided by mobility in SE Mich... stay tuned as my time is limited. 
    • Okay so I managed to make it out to that other wireline mobilitie site today(or yesterday lol whatever haha) It was getting dark so my photos are not the best but here is what I have. (Btw I also included some of the development going on in this area that may have been reason Sprint decided to locate a small cell here. That and well, its pretty close to Ford Field, Comerica Park and Little Caesars Arena.) Again, sorry for the poor lighting but this is definitely another small cell connected by wire-line as apposed to relay. The last few images are construction for a massive development from Bedrock, which is affiliated with Rocket Fiber.(Both part of quicken loans if that matters) They could be providing the backhaul but unfortunately due to lighting the only wire-line on the utility poles i could spot with a name was Comcast; that's not to say there were many other lines on the utility poles. It was just to dark to spot. Anyway;  here it is:  https://imgur.com/a/HTaHdmD Any thoughts? 
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