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    • I don't think you really understand what is happening here. Number one the current situation is not particularly competitive for At&t or Verizon. The two have the majority of the customers.

      This has really lead to two tier market. Tier one being for customers who have more money than sense and the other for more price.

      Both Sprint and Tmobile have been able to siphon some customers off of the big two however, at the current rate it would take more than five decades for either Sprint or Tmobile to pick up enough to gain any real competitive momentum.

      I am sure market forces would bankrupt one of them or even both before then. Remember Tmobile would have already been bankrupt if the parent company had not transferred piles of debt to themselves, invested heavily into network upgrades and increased holdings. Up until 2013 they were actively looking to unload their shares.

      Next for Verizon and at&t 5G has nothing to due with mobile internet and everything to do with fixed wireless. They intend to directly compete with comcast, charter and so on. So does new Tmobile, but they will also have mobile 5G. Verizon and at&t will have to compete on price on the wireless side.

      Another issue is Verizon has survived on the back of "Alpha" consumers. It will be hard to sell these consumers having second best and you can't win these customers on bundling and deals.

      Verizon has built everything on the reputation of being the very best. When evidence starts to show otherwise, the heat is on.

      Do you honestly think that either network alone would be able to knock Verizon off the top spot?

      At&t has no interest in the top spot and has diversified into a more profitable market.

      If there isn't a strong third player things could get real ugly.

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    • I fully expect prices to increase within 24 months after the merger is settled, and a stalemate between the big three. Alot of budget minded folks will turn to half-assed prepaid services with unreasonable limitations. I also fully expect a shit ton of new plans with lots of nonsense ways of overcharging us. With three huge competitors, all of similar size, why bother truly competing. Complacency will be the name of the game for quite some time.
    • I have the 6 GB Family Share plan (or whatever its official name is).  Today's bill came and suddenly the add-on lines are $25 a month instead of $20.  Has anyone else noticed this?
    • Phone came today.  The chat agent I chatted with on Sunday night sent the wrong SIM card - I even asked 3 times because I knew it was wrong, but they insisted it would work.  It did not.  Called in and the tech support called the local Sprint store to check if they had the correct one - they had ONE in stock.  So I ran over there ASAP and got it up and running.  Was pretty simple after that. Drove home to find my phone line leading to my neighborhood was totally destroyed somehow -- copper line cut in half and pairs oozing out all over the place -- so no DSL and Wifi.  So it's pretty annoying to set up a new phone with no Wifi.  I'm currently using it as a Hotspot and it's working great, even with a low signal in the basement. First thing I've noticed: it doesn't charge rapidly with any of my current QuickCharge 3.0 cubes or cords.  That's kind of annoying, but certainly not a deal breaker.  It does work with the included cord.  Just annoying because I have quite a slew of QC 3.0 / USB-C cords in varying lengths.  It didn't even like the HTC branded ones from the 10. I'll figure out the Google Voice visual voicemail thing tomorrow and/or whenever my DSL line gets fixed.
    • Well, they sent me the wrong SIM card, so I had to go to the Sprint store to get a new one and activate it.  And, on the way home, I saw that there was some kind of accident which totally took out my phone line, so I have no DSL.  So it's been a bit annoying to set up!  I'll know more when I get DSL back up and running :-)
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