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Network Vision/LTE - Oregon/SW Washington (including Portland/Vancouver/Salem/Eugene/Medford)

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The last I read was there was still a Washington State public agency that has not fully cleared. But that should be out of the way anytime now.


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Public safety in Washington has until December 31st to clear the 800mhz band. Canada is already clear. I'm hoping to see some 800mhz antennae going up soon.

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Traveled from Eugene to Waldport over the weekend, and stayed in Yachats. A little disappointed in coverage, as it seems to have remained stagnant if not slightly degraded over the last year...


My mom lives in Waldport, and I could've sworn when I switched back to Sprint last year, the LTE in Waldport was solid. This time, I jumped between LTE\3G, and at times even when I had LTE, I didn't actually have data. My mom also noted that in the last couple of months, something has changed because her phone connection has just not been as good. Figured it was her G3, but my S7 Edge had the same issues.


Also surprised by the Yachats coverage. In downtown Yachats, it's only roaming (in fairness to Sprint, their coverage maps actually accurately represent this!) - and while staying at the Adobe, I jumped between LTE\3G, but again, at times I had LTE with 11mbps, and other times I had LTE but data didn't actually work.


Uplink issues along the coast maybe? Also, anyone know why Sprint is still stuck at 3G in Florence? I noticed Tmobile hasn't been able to add any LTE there either, so I'm assuming there's a reason.

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Today I mapped a ton of LTE on Sensorly along 197 and 97 in southern Washington and northern Oregon. Should be on their maps soon :).

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