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When do I become a 3G level?  At 100 posts?   Let's check. 


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    • By thatrandomguy
      So Network Vision is slowly but immensely improving the overall experience on Sprint. Luckily living in the Bay Area a large amount of this work has already begun and is continuing each day. For a while I was seeing improvement and loved Sprint for every moment. At the begging of this week all of this suddenly disappeared, being an avid reader of this site I assumed it was an upgrade and just continued on with my day. Now it's near the end of the week and no improvement whatsoever. Basically I would like to know if this is a device related problem (iPhone 4, iOS 6.1, PRL 51094) or if it's an network upgrade which I'll just ignore.
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    • Just to chime in, I find the Magic Box very useful in my home because we have home internet that goes out at least once a week, and therefore need a backup plan for those times when the internet is out. It gives me reliable internet access when the home ISP goes down. Plus, when connected to a UPS, I also have usable internet for news and emergency updates in the event of a power outage, which happens often during storms. I go from being on 1 bar of B26 to 4 bars of B41, with the box being connected to a B41 site that I otherwise don't have access to in or around my home.
      Also a small benefit is having full signal all the time without my device constantly switching between weak B26 and 3G. The battery life savings really add up. Plus being able to make VoLTE phone calls from my home when VoLTE is rolled out will be nice too. All of these are things that WiFi cannot do. Sure, a lot of these problems have solutions or workarounds, all of which require more time, effort and, more importantly, money, than a box that you simply connect to power and never touch again. It almost works like... magic?    -Anthony
    • I'm curious to hear if anyone has called 911 while using their Sprint phone while roaming.

      I know you can call 911 even when there are no reported signal bars on the phone display, if the phone's technology supports using another carrier.

      But what about using Verizon's 700 Mhz VoLTE and T-Mobile's 700 VoLTE bands, the latest iPhones support these voice/bands, but Sprint doesn't yet.

      Does that mean calling 911 will never pick up a VoLTE signal on these bands?
    • Are you using the real VoLTE or the Voip VoLTE Beta on an Android phone?

      VoLTE isn't being enabled for all users for a few months, this is for markets away from the North/South borders, later for those areas.
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