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Network Vision/LTE - Atlanta/Athens Market

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I'm in ATL often now for work (work in midtown) and the network has been really pretty solid - even in hotels.  My only gripe are the underground MARTA stations.  Really wish Sprint could at least do something with those.

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Glad this thread is so quiet.  It only speaks to the excellent quality of the Sprint network in our beloved yet often bizarre metropolis.  
But I actually have a point or, rather,  something I'd like to share. I was just at Kroger recently on Howell Mill near I-75 and was waiting outside in the unusually chilly weather for my Uber when I noticed via SCP that I was on a second band 25 carrier. Now, 2 things to note:  1. Atlanta has had a second band 25 carrier live for at least 18 months so this wasn't immediately unusual and 2. Atlanta has such widespread and healthy band 41 deployment that I rarely see anything but. The network is just that damned good.
No, the odd part was that when I went into my "enginerring" l screen, it indicated that carrier aggregation was indeed active.  Like I said, I've been on a second b25 carrier in this city many times before but I had never noticed them being aggregated. See evidence below.
My feeling is that band 41 was so widely deployed here before that they felt no great rush to enable b25 CA in this market.  In many other previously band 41 starved markets  like Lexington, KY, band 25 CA has been live for well over a year,  likely even longer. Those areas needed the extra capacity until those band 41 mini macs could rise to the challenge. They now very much have, by the way. 
But now that those smaller areas are finally getting widespread band 41 coverage, Sprint has seen fit to come back to the bigger areas like Atlanta and make great even better.  At least that is my theory!
ATL is a example of how incorrect Spectrum Omega is. It shows that Sprint holds blocks A,B,D there. If that was true Sprint could have higher than 5x5 on the 2nd carrier.

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