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    • By Andrew Revering
      I'm REALLY frustrated trying to figure out how to become a premiere sponsor. I assume this means a certain dollar amount of donation... I already donated a couple times for the 'basic' sponsorship, but would LOVE to be a premiere sponsor...yet I can't find anything on how much I need to donate to do it. Having to jump through such hoops to donate money makes it really easy for me to just want to give up and move on to something else.
      I'm sure the info is here somewhere, but a search of the forums turned up nothing, and I can't seem to find an email address to contact the admins to send a question, which would also be useful.
      This seems to me to be a HUGE hole and likely throwing away a lot of money by not making this information easily accessible. You'd get a lot more donating members if you maybe put a couple notes below the donation button so people have an idea of what they need to donate to get to x access level, or a link to a page that says if you donate this you get this.
      With that suggestion in place.... what's the answer? :-)
    • By zonk
      I would like to become a sponsor and rather pay using bitcoin. Will you be accepting bitcoin in the future?
      One site that may be able to help you accept bitcoin is https://bitpay.com/
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    • Mike, will you be utilizing new pre-Alpha/Beta 100 user testing channel announced yesterday? https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/03/20/google-play-lets-developers-set-internal-test-channel-100-trusted-users-paid-apps-free/  
    • signal like 4 dbm less when i was in same spit all time.i say 10 to 15 perecent improvement.
    • I tweeted to Marcelo and support reached out to me, asking about my experience.  I told what happened and I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday.  The lady asked if she could call me.  She called about an hour later and said that the stores are rarely carrying SIM cards any longer?!?!?! (seems like a CS just making it up as they go along) and insisted I do the order from telesales.  She comp'd my account the $10 for the shipping charge, then transferred me to telesales. It was a very weird experience, I had no issue goin to the Sprint store on Wednesday, but it'll save my lunch break, so I'll take it. Can't wait to get my phone, got shipping notification from Google, the current eta is Saturday, but it hasn't been picked up yet, so maybe Friday?
    • Got Calling Plus working again on both the Unlocked GS8+ & Unlocked GS9+.

      Now Sprint just needs to keep their promise & release their Google Play Visual Voicemail app.

      Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk

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