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    Scout Finch
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  4. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Big expansion of 600 and 700 MHz on Wednesday. https://www.tmonews.com/2018/03/t-mobile-low-band-lte-upgrades-hundreds-cell-sites/
  5. Due to no High Speed Internet Offerings in my area (outside of the major carriers), I jumped on the $50/month unlimited hotspot offering in December. I'm running a Mifi500, connected to a repeater with a single ethernet jack, that feeds the WAN port on my wireless router. This is providing Wifi for my home and connectivity for Nest, 5 Echos, generic smart plugs, 3 Kindle Fire, 1 Kindle reader, and other devices. I do have a Magic Box and the HotSpot loves being connected to it.
  6. RT @Mets: Guess who’s back!? @mconforto8 will make his #SpringTraining debut today. 👍 📝 👉 https://t.co/tNyu9y5qXL https://t.co/cysHrIcPPc

  7. https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/977170416560148480?s=20 Marcelo says 100% of phones sold by 2021 will be 5g capable.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Whoa. Good idea to run consecutive speedtests for troubleshooting. I always got frustrated with the first speed test being junk... so for comparison - I just ran consecutive speedtests here as well. All tests were done on the same server. Bolded below where it got interesting... Test 1: 08:00am / 3.58 down / 3.68 up Test 2: 08:00am / 3.91 down / 2.71 up Test 3: 08:01am / 3.68 down / 5.63 up Test 4: 08:02am / 71.9 down / 6.66 up Test 5: 08:02am / 74.5 down / 5.82 up Test 6: 08:04am / 69.5 down / 5.98 up Test 6: 08:05am / 69.2 down / 5.32 up Test 6: 08:05am / 73.5 down / 6.13 up Test 6: 08:06am / 73.2 down / 5.94 up Your comment about adding capacity if the load increases would make sense to me - but I'd guess that each speed test takes around 25-30 seconds to run, so if this was the case, I would expect that the speeds would pick up extremely quickly. I know that when running a speed test on a phone connected to a macro tower, I can actually see the speeds jump up in large chunks as the phone starts connecting to the other carriers for carrier aggregation. (So instead of starting the speed test with download speed immediately going to 120+mpbs - it will go in steps from like... 40 to 80 to 115-120.) In my speed tests above, it looks like something took place between the download and upload sessions in the 3rd test. Upload speed increased by a large percentage, and every speedtest after that was a consistent 69+ down / 5+ up. Odd behavior, right? Hmmmm
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Honestly, reach out to Executive Support via twitter. Tweet at Marcelo and they will reply, that's typically the only way to resolve one off or oddball issues like this.
  10. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Tell me about it. Sprint really needs to start emailing it.
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Well, the 4 different agents i spoke to (after nearly 30 min on hold) keep thinking i was returning a device (phone). And when i gave them the MB serial, they said it was invalid and kept asking for make and model of the device. Anyway, i can't receive mail at the moment...need label via email so i can print it out. (the way it should be done anyway. why snail mail shipping labels these days. i have never had Amazon, ebay, or NewEgg ever send me a physical return label)
  12. @stevemacwv @CNNPolitics @KellyannePolls They want the story to be liberals are talking about a woman's look. Her h… https://t.co/M5UbB6Yypj

  13. @dizparks Man, that’s so depressing. :/

  14. If you were a sponsor, you'd see that large numbers of updates continue to roll in. We are seeing B41 deployed on new sites, expanding the B41 footprint. We are seeing Clear sites upgraded to full Sprint sites with 8T8R B41. We are seeing Clear/Sprint co-locations converted to Sprint B41. And we are seeing brand new Sprint sites in some areas. The rate at which this is occurring should only increase through the year.
  15. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    That's a lie. No restocking fee. Magic Box Support is able to get you a return label, they will mail it out.
  16. @POTUS This is sound advice from @IngrahamAngle https://t.co/b7KYY7ut1W

  17. M2M build time; new Raspberry Pi3b+ came in today! AC wifi, Bluetooth 4.2 and low power. Ethernet still runs over the USB interface so tops at 330 but better than the 100 fast on previous builds. I have to plug it in to my M.2 LTE radio to see if I can get top speeds. We have one Triband antenna site (total D: ) in our CMA that has progressively improved from just a few days ago to my first 100+ test evAr! on the n6P, and in our market. What are other users machine to machine or um, IoT projects and what are your results on the Sprint network? I have a few locations running these for connectivity, security and A/V operations over cellular and/or load balanced DOCSIS 2.0 with some edge routers, one location has fiber as main, a couple are all LTE/WIFI. Band 41 is new and brave here market wide, but great where it is so we use a mix of carriers. What are your experiences with plans? I simply purchase as many lines as I need and do the work to make them work with whatever network works best where I have to setup and do my work. I have seen some low power/low data plans for battery devices and such, seems like a way to prime subscribers, but they can just keep selling me UDP's and we are all happy. Any one use the Magic Box to help power projects? I have seen Boxes relay to hotspots, we made one directional beam from yagis, ductwork and punished a 2.5 wave through a forest for LTE push to talk between 4 users. Super users could attach apps to an LTE radio or use a phone to open doors or kick on a camera! Imagine if Gramma rolls in and Her Chair meets her at the door when her mac id hits your load balancing with the magic box? You just won the family picnic son. I tore mine down (like a dick, don't do this) put it in the car, in our attic, on a pole, and next week in the air. What do your projects work towards? Long time listeners will note LTE connectivity is our main bag here in the not so sticks, we like some netsec, and putting in the time will yield a device that is convenient yet doesn't serve you ads based on surrounding conversation, search content and >9000 metadata fed into some Dale Gribble based conglomonstrosity. http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-iot-factory.htm https://business.sprint.com/solutions/internet-of-things/ Bonus: Your previous content has been restored. I love this feature when I x when I should have not. 2012 Belusnecropolis appreciates this and donates 2018 accordingly.
  18. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/jqrONB6JEx American Dad ICP Feuneral Scene

  19. @clipsluv Especially when they hate other religions and know not one thing about them

  20. @thetchcpl Lol https://t.co/7MeoUChniK

  21. Jesuwhat! https://t.co/RtmaqpQJAK

  22. Got the WatchESPN app stable now. Now wondering how they’re figuring out breaks. Seems random

  23. ★ Chris Hunsinger by Pat Lee ⇢ @cbhunsinger ⇠ Pat Lee is based in Chicago and available for photography, video and… https://t.co/HGplDaaQlG

  24. Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    All of those configurations in my Market seem to be Verizon
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