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  2. When on US Cellular roaming, my G5 was always on SRLTE. I think that's how it determined whether to roam on LTE or not; if it had 1X on US Cellular, then LTE roaming was permitted. The moment it picked up Sprint CDMA though, it dropped US Cellular LTE. Actually, as far as I can tell, US Cellular is SRLTE across the board. My US Cellular phone, and my father-in-law's, both always have SRLTE running. - Trip
  3. Sprint 2017 handset SRLTE mode survey/discussion

    LG G6 - Constant SRLTE - Appears to use Nano SIM, based on what I saw when I put my Micro SD card in. - Trip
  4. RT @MKBHD: RT if this image makes you sick. This is what an internet without #NetNeutrality could look like. Can't believe this is actually…

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  6. sprint network 2018 predictions

    I don’t want to get my hopes up haha .....but I hope to see 4xCA, Massive MIMO deployed in hotspot areas (for now) and maybe testing behind the scenes for TD&FDD CA.
  7. Roy Moore, Putin and Those Trump Chooses to Believe: Trump came out in defense of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate… https://t.co/Rj6yk8OK8P

  8. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/SXTjattZKh NORTH KOREA: The Most Daring Escape Captured on Camera

  9. @BillKristol it just shows how badly you SUCK!

  10. LIVE! for a little bit. eve pvp https://t.co/886CxWTC8x

  11. sprint network 2018 predictions

    hello everyone i m starting a thread for sprint network predictions for 2018. i am wishing sprint and s4gru a happy holidays and new years. regards Daniel
  12. IBEZ 800MHz Retrofit

    So hopfilly next year they will get 2500 and 800 to Tucson? Sill only 1900 and when i go in a building it drops to 3G. Also i don't know what is wrong with the 3G but the phone says im offline.. Its useless.
  13. I’m just going by what multiple 3rd party studies show. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. @caskaboo maybe thatll change things up make it funny again

  15. The latest The Daily Struggle! https://t.co/L0PJhjCzdl Thanks to @bentzminger @brilyn37 @eclecticbrotha #p2 #uniteblue

  16. RT @billburr: If a guest criticizes the dish you made don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Smile, put your hand on his/her and say:…

  17. @RMWall74 @AnaheimDucks Jinxed

  18. I've seen the same issue come up with the Nexus 5x from time to time. All the kinks haven't been hammered out when it comes to roaming with SRLTE.
  19. Happy Thanksgiving

    Hey everyone happy Thanksgiving! Regards Daniel.
  20. Just walked between my 2 cats standing like the gates to the Southern Oracle in The Neverending Story. I survived.

  21. Good night to all.


    I just got blocked again.. definitely a new block because I'm 800 miles away from home on Wi-Fi. I had just powered on my Pixel and when it finished booting I had a Tapatalk notification for a new post.. I clicked on it and got the Tapatalk error showing I was blocked, same via the web. Signed out of Tapatalk and disabled Wi-Fi to post via Sprint data. -Mike
  23. Oh that's right.. I have never seen one in New England so I always forget about that. Carry on! -Mike
  24. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/N7GycluOpp Please Send Help!! | Mario Maker [Super Expert/Troll/Crazy Hard]

  25. @ChannelMaster Very cool.. wanna let this cancer patient test it? :)

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